10 Creative Makers Mix Projects

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Today we are sharing our Favorite Top 10 Creative Makers Mix Projects from the Beacon Makers. They really put a creative spin on our product. Just in case you don't know, Makers Mix is a DIY Concrete. Its fast drying and super easy to use. In addition we offer an array of pigments and bowl molds so you can create some crafty and creative concrete magic! 
Lets scroll down and take a tour of some fabulous concrete projects created from Makers Mix DIY Concrete. 
First up on the tour are these super fun mustache paper weights that were inspired by the kaleidoscope of colors found at the carnival. I created these using Makers Mix DIY Concrete, candy mold and craft paint. So easy to make, just mix the concrete according to package directions, lightly grease a candy mold, pour the concrete, let dry, and paint. To finish it off you could glue some felt or cork to the bottom of the finished paper weight for an added touch.
Next up on the tour are these fabulous DIY Star Push Pins created by Jennifer Hottinger Sloan using small star chocolate molds, Makers Mix DIY Concrete, Craft Paint and Push Pins. Just so creative and perfect for the office bulletin or studio inspiration board.
Visit this Link for the project to make these DIY Star Push Pins.
No tour would be complete without a few projects from Natalie Mayhew of Fern and Maple. The next two Makers Mix Projects that Natalie created were inspired by fashion and party. These DIY Concrete Lips are perfect to make as party favors for a bachelorette party, fashion themed party and as photo booth props. Turn into wands, add druzy and just have fun. Loving the pastel color palette as well. 
Visit Natalie's Blog for more creative projects, The Signature Blog and Beacon Blog for more creative ideas from Natalie!
Concrete isn't just for home decor, party or crafts, Concrete is also a great medium for jewelry. Makers Mix or Makers Mix Jewelry Crete is perfect for making jewelry. This next project is a set of necklaces that I created using Makers Mix, jewelry findings, paint, rhinestones and Beacon Adhesives Power Tac.
How fun are these? Concrete is such a great medium with a variety of uses. I just love these necklaces.
Obsessing with push pins for awhile. This project was created a few months ago using Makers Mix DIY Concrete, Beacon Adhesives Power Tac, Candy Molds, Push Pins and Craft Paint. These can be made the same way Jennifer made her DIY Star Push Pins. If you forget to attach the push pins to the concrete while drying, glue them on with some Power Tac.
Lips are back with another super cool project idea. I created this project a few months back using a large lip mold, alphabet mold, scrap ply wood, paint, Beacon Adhesives Power Tac and Makers Mix DIY Concrete. After your concrete is poured into the mold, dried and painted, glue to a piece of painted or natural plywood for some fun wall art.
Are you all enjoying the tour? Hope so because we have a few more ideas left to share. Our next stop leads us to this donut bowl made from Makers Mix DIY Concrete and Makers Mix Round Bowl Mold. To make this follow the package directions on the concrete and mold. Let dry, paint and your bowl is ready to party. Please note: this is not food safe with craft paint. You can use to hold wrapped candies, wrapped treats, use as party decor, mount to a wall or fill with some cool marbles.
How about recycling a plastic oil, vinegar or water bottle, filling with concrete, a glue bottle and gilding with gold leafing? That's what we are sharing next. An industrial chic pencil holder which could act as a small succulent holder, cactus holder or fun vase. 
This project is so easy to make, just a few simple steps. To create one of your own with step outs and video click on this link for the full project.
We are winding down to our final project on the tour. This one is a mix of tea light holder and jewelry cone. Again both made with Makers Mix DIY Concrete, paints and gold leafing. The cone was made similar to the pencil holder only the concrete was poured into a greased paper mache cone shape. The triangle tea light holder was created with a handmade mold. To make one of your own click on this link for the fun set of instructions and video.
Hope you get inspired to make some fun projects using Makers Mix DIY Concrete available in our online store. Just click on this link: Makers Mix, to buy some today and other Beacon Adhesives products and Maker Supply!
See you soon!

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