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Ref# 1056 Super Tough 360 Glue - 100ml (3.38oz) Bottle (2 pack)

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Ref# 1056 Super Tough 360 Glue - 100ml (3.38oz) Bottle (2 pack)


Supertite's SuperTough 360 Glue is the NO FOAMING solution for the toughest indoor or outdoor bonding requirements. Super Strong and Super Durable, the impenetrable permanent bond allows a waterproof seal for your project. Compare to Gorilla Glue products. NO CLAMPING. Cures in 90 minutes under clamp and 3 hours with no clamping- basic pressure weight. Just wipe one surface to be bonded with a damp towel, other surface to be bonded add a small line or zig-zag pattern of glue. Once clamp and bonded, immediately wipe away any excess glue.

* Finally, a little bonus knowledge. All Supertite Adhesive Products meet EU REACH regulations for chemical health safety for consumer chemical products which means a safer product for you.

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